Capital Accounts has long specialized in providing accounts receivable services for the dental industry. We understand your business, and can allow you to focus on the provision of dental care while we work to resolve your delinquent patient accounts.

We often participate in the American Dental Association and other trade organizations, and our agents are trained to explain insurance coverage and patient self-pay issues so that your patients fully understand their payment responsibilities.

Below are just a few dental practice testimonials that showcase how we will work for you.

Christy, Anton J Ogrinc DDS. Cleveland, OH

Capital Accounts has produced results for our practice. They have worked hard on our behalf even when the balances on our delinquent accounts have been small. Capital has produced more results for our practice during the short time that we have been accociated with them, than our previous agency did in years.

Eugena O’Cull, John D O’Cull DDS. Vanceburg, KY

Thank you so much for assisting us with accounts. I am glad to have a direction to go with accounts that we have exhausted our resources for collection on.

Mark Billet DDS. Lawrence, NY

You have done a very quick and good job at getting me payment as opposed to my previous debt collection agency.

Kisha Lane, Michael Berman DDS. Killeen, TX

Capital Accounts has recovered more money in 1 month than our other collection company recovered in a year. Thank you.

Frances, Angie Papandrikos DDS, Tenafly, NJ

I just want to say that this company has been very successful for us. You guys are the best. We used another company and never had as much success with them. Thanks to everyone for everything that you do.

Bernice W Phillips, Travis P Phillips DMD. Oxford, AL

We are a new dentist office and, being a pharmacist, I have never dealt with delinquent accounts until my husband decided to practice on his own. We have both always been employees and not owners. I was so lost when it came to collecting money! I received a fax from Capital Accounts and I am glad! I have received payment from patients who flat refused to pay me because you guys have been persistent! Thank you so MUCH!

Betty, Robert S Sykes DDS. Marietta, GA

Since Capital Accounts took over our delinquent accounts, unlike other collection agencies we have used, we have been getting some response to our debtors. Thanks for the great job Capital Accounts – keep up the good work.

Elaine, Harold M Kellner DDS. Elmsford, NY

I am impressed with your ability to have delinquent accounts making payments, and with the clarity of your monthly reports and statements. I am also very pleased with your prompt responses to my telephone calls and how quickly the matters are taken care of. It is a pleasure working with you.