About Us

Corporate and Social Responsibility

In an industry that often incites controversy and conflicting views, Synergetic Communication, Inc consistently makes every effort possible to produce a positive outcome in all its practices and endeavors. It is the policy of Synergetic Communication, Inc to positively impact our customers and partners through our actions and by giving back to the community in more ways than one.

As a Socially Responsible Company we will support the charitable efforts of the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility and other worthy causes through charitable donations, educational and cultural contributions, and employee participation in charity and civic affairs.

Giving Back

Synergetic Communication, Inc regularly makes percentage based contributions to charitable organizations. We continue to strive to meet the needs of the organizations we support as our company grows.

Public Opinion

In an industry characterized by misinformation and confusion, Synergetic Communication, Inc makes every effort to keep consumers informed and well educated regarding options and the possibilities available to them. Most consumers understand Synergetic Communication, Inc is here to help. While some consumers may disagree, Capital is prepared to work with anyone to resolve concerns. Synergetic Communication, Inc strongly discourages the use of public forum to spread misinformation. Posting misleading information and slander in a public forum is far from anonymous and can lead to unwanted prosecution.