Communication and Reports

Monthly Calls and Reports

At Capital Accounts, we believe communication is essential in maintaining a good working relationship with our clients. Service calls are provided on a monthly basis. Reports are generated monthly, including acknowledgments of accounts received, monthly activity statements, and progress reports on all accounts placed.

Acknowledgment listings are sent to confirm the receipt of placements. This is a listing of accounts placed on that day, including the account number, name, and balance.

Activity statements are sent to your office on a monthly basis. They are generated on the 15th of each month, and include all payments received on your accounts for the previous month. A check for the net amount collected by Capital Accounts is enclosed with your statement.

Progress reports compile a complete listing of all accounts placed with Capital Accounts by your office. The progress reports reflect payments made, current balances, information of payment commitments, the number of phone calls made, and the number of letters sent. These reports also include a description of the current status of accounts.

Comprehensive reports are delivered to all clients monthly and can be viewed and downloaded online. Detailed and up to date statuses of all accounts are listed in an easy to understand format. You’ll never be in the dark about the progress of your accounts placed with us.

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