Capital Accounts is dedicated to serving your collection needs to the fullest extent possible. We possess an unparalleled proprietary collection platform that allows us to achieve a higher rate of recovery than the industry average. This positively affects your bottom line.

We believe that our processes are superior to that of other service providers. We ask that you reevaluate the performance and quality of your current provider. If you do not believe our recovery rate and customer service is an improvement, you are under no obligation to continue with us. Selecting Capital Accounts is selecting a partner, not just a provider.

As a nationwide provider, we have more resources to expedite recovery. In fact, as a nationwide provider, Capital Accounts has the ability to pursue debtors that have left your home state.

Yes. Skip tracing refers to the process of locating individuals whom have relocated or are being evasive. Capital Accounts employs the best information services and technology available in order to locate debtors and recover their delinquencies.

Yes. Debts are reported to three national bureaus within 30 days of placement if the balance has not been paid in full. Reported balances remain on an individual’s credit report for 7 years from the last date the debt went delinquent.

Yes. Debtors are instructed to make payments to Capital Accounts. We accept payments in the form of all major credit cards, checks, money orders, and wire transfers. We process payments via mail, phone, and facsimile. At times, payments will be made directly to your business. When this occurs, simply phone Capital Accounts in order to record the necessary adjustments.

Customer service is a core value at Capital Accounts. A service representative is assigned to your business. The representative monitors the progress of your placements and is available for any assistance needed. Monthly, your business will receive three reports providing updates and new information pertaining to your delinquent accounts. The reports cover activity, account status, payment, commitments, and new account placements.

Yes. We conduct legal action when necessary. At times, legal action may be the only viable means of recovery. In these circumstances, we utilize our nationwide network of attorneys in order to pursue litigation and recover the debt. Litigation will not proceed without prior customer authorization.

No. We are confident in our services and do not believe that a contractual obligation is necessary to retain customers. In fact, we believe your experience with Capital Accounts will be so beneficial, you will refer us to others as well.

Our collection programs are completely customizable to your business. We can take different approaches for different circumstances. Please speak with a service representative for additional information regarding customized programs.

Healthcare collections are fully HIPAA compliant. We are highly governed with regard to regulations and privacy laws and abide by all necessary rules of conduct. Capital Accounts is also fully compliant with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act of 1977.

We work strictly on a contingency basis. There are no monthly or startup fees. Our fees are based upon payments only. Please speak with a service representative for additional information regarding fee structure.

Be not complacent. Time is the most critical factor in debt recovery. Get started with Capital Accounts by calling or emailing our service department and a representative can provide your business with the necessary information to start reducing your delinquent balances today!