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How We Operate

Upon receipt, accounts are entered into our information system and immediately sent to our collections department. That day, an immediate notice is sent to the debtor demanding payment in full. Within 24 hours, our experienced collectors begin making telephone contact in order to expedite recovery.

The collection team is scheduled to take advantage of the full day's "Prime Time" hours of 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., weekdays, and 8:00 a.m. to noon on Saturdays in all U.S. time zones. This maximizes the opportunity in making contact with debtors.

Once contact is made, and acceptable financial arrangements are set, our work does not stop. Collectors continuously monitor the accounts to assure adherence with the financial arrangements. In situations where debtor phone numbers and addresses are unknown or invalid, our skip tracing methods are utilized. These methods result in a higher rate of track downs, with resultant greater recovery. When appropriate, Capital Accounts will leverage its network of attorneys throughout the United States to pursue litigation. If litigation is recommended, your authorization will be obtained prior to any filing.

At Capital Accounts, we place a premium on customer goodwill. Our collection efforts are diligent, firm, and fair. All collection efforts are conducted in strict compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of 1977.

Full Service Collections

Utilizing Capital Accounts allows you to free resources and focus on your core business. Our expertise allows for more than simply cutting costs, it is about increasing business value for your company.

Our standard collection services are provided on a contingency basis. Fees are only incurred when payments are collected. Service features include: letters, phone calls, skip tracing, credit reporting, and litigation when appropriate. If your service or purchase agreement calls for interest and collection charges, the option to apply those charges to the debtor’s balance is available.

At the most basic level, a flat fee letter series is available. Capital Accounts’ proven letter series allows our customers to generate greater collections at reduced cost. We can also develop a series of letters exclusively for your organization.

Clients have the opportunity to benefit from our assistance in the implementation of a responsibility to pay policy that will allow for the transfer of collection fees to the debtor.

Spanish language services are available at no cost.

Communication And Reports

At Capital Accounts, we believe communication is essential in maintaining a good working relationship with our clients. Service calls are provided on a monthly basis. Reports are generated monthly, including acknowledgments of accounts received, monthly activity statements, and progress reports on all accounts placed.

Acknowledgment listings are sent to confirm the receipt of placements. This is a listing of accounts placed on that day, including the account number, name, and balance.

Activity statements are sent to your office on a monthly basis. They are generated on the 15th of each month, and include all payments received on your accounts for the previous month. A check for the net amount collected by Capital Accounts is enclosed with your statement.

Progress reports compile a complete listing of all accounts placed with Capital Accounts by your office. The progress reports reflect payments made, current balances, information of payment commitments, the number of phone calls made, and the number of letters sent. These reports also include a description of the current status of accounts.


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